Thursday, 5 April 2012

Please help save Asia Bibi from the death sentence...

Sign the petition -

I wanted to post this again, because it is so important...

This is a very worthwhile cause and petition, inspired by Christiana Szymanski's "Christian Witness Under Fire" blog at (her associated Christian apologetics blog, "In Defense of the Christian Faith" is at

The Pakistani woman Asia Bibi was arrested on June 19, 2009, on charges of blasphemy after a discussion at work where she had replied to defend her Christian position to the women who were talking to her. After trial, she was sentenced to death by a judge on November 8, 2010, fined $1,190 (US) and given 7 days to appeal. The appeal was promptly made, and the results from the Lahore High Court are not yet decided; Asia remains in prison whilst her fate is determined. Urgent action is needed to save Asia from the death sentence and from continued imprisonment, as well as protection if she is freed; she would probably then seek asylum in another country.

Please sign the petition above! Also, please spread the word to others! There are other ways to help, including contacting Pakistani officials and Asia Bibi herself (information is at 

Please, if you do send anything, be very careful to not be antagonistic or in any way disrespectful, or to discuss politics or Islam or the blasphemy law itself etc., in order to not make things worse; please focus on the point, which is the freedom of Asia Bibi. Also, I would just like to emphasise that some Muslims are also opposed to the blasphemy laws, and they are spoken out against in this article (as an example):

Thanks to everyone!

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